The tankespjärn-community is for those who wish to discover.

More. Other. New.

I opened the space, and I hold the space.

And you’re invited to dance.

I’ve discovered that Tankespjärn comes to me when I’m in community with other people. Regardless of how alike we are, there are always discoveries, insights and thoughts that given the opportunity, will make me go Huh?. 

That’s why I’ve created this community, for more people to enjoy the conversations that give me Tankespjärn and ultimately makes it more interesting to live life. I can’t, and don’t want to, do that by myself. So I’m inviting you to join me.

Become a part of deep conversations on how to grow, explore, find –what you need to find, grow and explore– providing you (and me) with plenty of tankespjärn.

If you are into co-creation and out of the box-ideas, realizations and conversations – this is a good space to be in. Join the community to find out more about tankespjärn!

As a Contributor to the tankespjärn-community you will get:

  • A place to learn how to make tankespjärn into a tool for enrichening your life, and in time –perhaps– have it become a way of living, a life philosophy.
  • An online community for generously sharing and receiving tankespjärn, with an outspoken invitation to take part in the dance created within the community, to the best of your ability and desire.