Have spent the past 5 hours with my youngest (all is relative, he’s 15,5 yrs old) waiting to get his shin bone checked out at the hospital, after receiving a massive kick while playing soccer. With approximately 12-15, or, if I really stretch it, perhaps even 20 minutes of those hours spent actually meeting medical staff. The rest; waiting.

Fascinating setup, I must say.
With the added spice of the extra steps implemented to protect both staff, patients and next-of-kin from possible Covid-19 infection. 

And (number I).
I am grateful. Truly.
All is well, the bone looked fine on the x-rays, and we are lucky to live in a place where a big bump on the leg gets this much attention.

And (number II).
I am also tired.
I brought a book along with me but had absolutely no wherewithal to read. It’s energy-draining to wait in this type of the unknown, even though I sing its praise (the unknown, that is) most of the time.