What is is.

And how I relate to what is is a large determinant on how much energy I have left for creations, let alone for living my life.

I can fight what is, which in essence means waisting my energy without getting anything of value in return.

Or I can accept what is, and use my energy in a way that serves me (and those around me).

I’ve struggled with this concept myself – because I had the sense that I would be like a doormat if I ‘accepted what is’. But I don’t view it like that anymore. Far from it – because by accepting what is means I have more energy left to do something with  it might be that I want something else to be ‘what is’ in the future, or perhaps not at all related to ‘what is’. In either case, I am not wasting my energy fighting against that which is.

Advent Calendar 2018 – number 4 of 24 – on the theme of being gentle.