Summer has arrived in Sweden, and quite abruptly at that. Feels like it was winter, more or less, way too long, and then all of a sudden the weather drastically shifted and it’s now warm enough to go with bare legs and feet, soaking in the sun and warmth. Had been inside for too much of the day, so having a scheduled CoachWalk with a client to look forward to this evening made me very happy. Really enjoyed the evening walk in the park.

CoachWalks are my favorite way of coaching, I must admit. Out strolling, sauntering slowly along the gravel paths, passing trees in bloom, nettles rising above the old stems of last year, birds chirping merrily and the sun warm in the face. Something happens then. Or… more like it: something can happen then, something quite out of the ordinary. Last CoachWalk we took, all of a sudden we were laying down in the grass to look at an imaginary projection of a problem, getting beneath it, looking at it from below. Quite literally… the problem vanished, dissolved into thin air, as it were.

beyond the bend

Never really knowing what might lie beyond the bend, we walk on, sometimes in engaged conversation, now and again in comfortable silence. Once in a while we stop and talk, intensely, waving arms around, picking up a stick and drawing in the gravel to make a point, clarify, illustrate. With a curious and gentle disposition, a lot can be discovered, and better yet, uncovered, when you put one step in front of the other, and walk on. Because you never really know, what might lie beyond the bend, do you?

Feel free to get in touch with me, if you are ever in the neighborhood of Malmö and would like to experience a CoachWalk. If you’re not geographically close, a CoachTalk works just as fine!