”Activists often speak as though the solutions we need have not yet been launched or invented, as though we are starting from scratch, when often the real goal is to amplify the power and reach of existing alternatives. What we dream of is already present in the world.”

What would be possible if we had less of an attachment to “our personal babies” (be they an idea, a company, a movement, a team, a slogan)? Less attached to making our baby live and prosper, come what may, and more open to opportunities knocking on the door?

Hope in the darkAnd yes, I am speaking from personal experience as well. Many are the discussions I’ve had – both professionally and personally – that are right there on the edge of making a real difference, an impact… just to see it crumble and fall back into old and wellknown ways.

“Oh no, that would never work. Let’s stick to our old way of working, that’s more secure!”

Or even worse:
“We should work together, let’s unite, join forces. As long as the new organization still has our name, because that’s the best name for it!” with the prospective partners equally attached to their name, forgetting, all around, that what we are striving for isn’t in a name, it’s in the action we can achieve, inspire to, accomplish. And united we can make much more of an impact, than divided.

Copyright and patents. Regulations and best practice.
Collaborations between people with the same background, education, business.

We are very good at preserving the status quo, rather than be in constant maker-mode, adding, subtracting, tweaking, combining “what is already present in the world” to amplify the power and reach of existing alternatives. Bogged down into the administrations of setting up a new organization, rather than joining forces with the existing ones. Stuck in competition, over collaboration. Thinking we need to protect “our corner of the world” (be that an idea, a company, a movement, a team, a slogan) and possibly – probably – missing out on golden opportunities, popping up around us like mushrooms in the forest after a week of sun and rain both.

And yes. Of course – sometimes sweeping everything off the table to start from scratch might be the only viable option – but remember, that we are not wiping ourselves clean, are we? I will always bring that which is within my experience to the table, and so will you. That’s why collaboration, cocreation, combination of the unlikely, the diversity of experiences, more often than not will be more effective – but oh so personally challenging, most often! – to amplify power and reach into effecting real change and improvement.

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