At the moment, it’s a tad too much, everywhere.

Asylum investigations and quotations.

Machine troubles and children hugging me.
On of my legal guardians, an unaccompanied minor refugee, sleeping on the sofa waiting for a better solution and getting some money in return lent to a fellow human in need of a few days of grace.
PokémonGo-hunts and deep conversations with my self, as well as with the one who isn’t there any more.
Bakin sourdough bread and the little nervous twitch in my eye lid, twitching away reminding me that I’ve lost something, in all of this. Lost me. The whole being that I am.

just nuBreaking down. Giving myself te minutes of total conkout… before pulling myself together again.
Onwards, onwards. Assignments to see through, meetings to be present in and at, life continues even though it feels as if it’s simply too much. Because truth be told, it’s simply that thing we call life, that’s happening. All of it.

Tears roll down my cheeks and I am gently rocked by beautiful words by Lisa, faith in love insists to be heard, knocks on my heart asking Remember me? I’m here, always and already. 

This post was originally published on October 25th in Swedish, at the very moment of break down. Afterwards I picked myself up, and life continues in full swing. As it always does.