Observing myself, and witnessing the growth in me, makes me more aware of and also very grateful for the journey I am on.

Witnessing how I’ve expanded, how I am more and more congruent with the values I hold dear. How I show up, in much the same way, whether at work, at home, at a gathering of friends, or with total strangers. How there is less difference in me, regardless of the setting I am in.

rock peopleObserving and witnessing this, have been a large part in developing my gentleness towards myself. Becoming aware that I am more gentle towards myself today, than last week, last year, last decade, makes me more invested in me. In myself. In my continuous expansion, which is how I see it for myself. If I didn’t see any difference, if there was nothing to show for the work, the energy, the care that I put into this, I might have stopped. I might have been overcome by feelings of futility, not seeing the point in it.

But I do. I do see it. I pick up on subtle things, words I say that I would not have stated in a similar situation before. The lack of a reaction, that I thought was ”how I was”, proving to me, that it was just a habit, something I picked up, and now have let go of, rather than a fixed part of my ”personality”.

So. Notice yourself, and see if you can spot your own, growing awareness.
See if you can discover your own gentleness towards yourself. Has there been a shift somewhere along the way?

Welcome to my humble abode, where the underlying tone centers around being gentle to oneself. On Sundays I share thoughts on how I do gentle, and I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please subscribe to updates so you won’t miss out on future posts in this series.