five hundred daysFive hundred days of Headspace meditation.

In a row.

Prior to that I had a run streak of two hundred and seventy-eight days of Headspace.

That’s a whole lot of Headspace I’ve given myself.
And that’s it, isn’t it? It truly is a gift. A gift I give myself, each and every day. Fifteen minutes give or take, of choosing me, daily. Choosing to be with me.

My 778 days of Headspace amounts to a total of one-hundred and eighty-six hours of meditation (using the app). That’s close to five weeks.


Could I have made better use of these five weeks over the past two years? Well. Possibly. But honestly. I’ve never chosen me as much as I have since I started with Headspace. A whooping five weeks of choosing me.

The result?
Those who knew me before, I think you can tell for yourself.
As for the rest of you – let’s just say that by choosing me in this way, I’ve got a lot more love to go around for everyone else as well. I’ve gotten to know me better, and by doing that, I am opening up to others, no longer afraid of what they might awaken within me.

It’s made me more curious.
More curious about me. About you, us and about life at large.
And that, my friend, is a great place to live in and from!