Perhaps, my at least 10k in my body a day-urge is receeding?
Last week, I had four days of only doing a 3K walk, a slow one, Saturday afternoon, because I felt like it. Thursday, Friday, Sunday, I basically didn’t leave the premises.

Just. Didn’t. Wan’t. To.

Monday, biking to and fro work, I got 13+K by bike.
Tuesday, biking to and fro work, with a visit to the ocean and holding a webinar at a friends house, 22K, again by bike.

But today, I was picked up in the early morning, spent the day at the factory (current building project of mine), and then got a lift back home again. Debated going for a walk upon arriving home, but opted for 50 minutes of gardening instead. Now, I have guitar lesson in 20 minutes, which I will take my bike to, but it’s basically less than 1K away.

And I feel fine.
It feels good.

Perhaps, the flood that’s been this very visceral urge in me, for the past year or so, is receeding into ebb?
Perhaps, it’s just a minor bump in the road, and come next week, I will be hot on the wheels again, aching, longing, yearning to move, move, and move some more?

Whatever will be, will be.
Today as well.

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