1 part Mr D (offering to buy pallet rims on his way over, to help me work the garden for a few hours)
3 home-delivered pallet rims (courtesy of already-mentioned Mr D)
1 weed whacker (borrowed from the neighbors)
1 shovel (to even the soil so the beds are somewhat level)
1 big cardboard box and a handful of newspapers (to line the bottom of the new beds)
1 watering can (a) 2-3 cans per bed to wet the cardboard/newspapers; b) 1-2 cans/bed with everything in place)
3 bags of cow dung (one/bed)
1 big barrel of Bokashi-compost (ripening for the past 2 years; equal parts/bed)
3 bags of soil (one/bed)
1 Helena (while Mr D built a compost corner!)

Tomorrow they just might be put to use!

(And yeah. One of these days, the fence to the –other– neighbors needs to be replaced. Tell me something else I don’t know…)