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With curiosity and a wish for more,Tesspicked up onthe distinction between judgment and discernmentin thepost on Intuitive living, and I can only agree: it is a distinction which piqued my curiosity as well.

“You may have noticed that we have never discussed forgiveness. Forgiveness is not a concept of the All. Forgiveness implies judgment. Forgiveness implies right and wrong. Your Western culture and religions have created the concepts of sin and forgiveness as a way of controlling people’s minds. Judgment was created in this way.(You must understand judgment as being different from discernment. Discernment is an important skill to develop.)There is no place for judgment. The concepts of sin and forgiveness and redemption are not concepts borne out of Love. Love is within each one of you, bestowing mercy upon you in each moment of your existence.”[Asvoiced by Spirit.]

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