Jumping right in, I share my recent reading experience by Victoria Aveyard, Realm Breaker, a young adult fantasy book I really enjoyed. I prefer reading books in English for the simple reason that I enjoy sharing book quotes, and if they are in Swedish the audience is quite a lot smaller than when in English. 

Being an avid reader, reading a large quota of English books, this is one reason why my English vocabulary is so well-stocked. Sitting down to write this, I made the connection to what we spend a lot of time meandering about in our conversation, namely RedCheeks, Izzy’s podcast where you can “peek behind the scenes and listen to long-form interviews with people who work with intimacy on screen.”

I’m super happy about this and I’m super excited for things to come because I started saying… Sorry, maybe if you have a question, go ahead and ask, because I started, like, unfolding…

Unfold! That’s the whole purpose of these conversations. For you to unfold or for us to unfold. 

Intimacy on screen’, you say.

Yup. The very one. That’s what RedCheeks is all about… except… both me and Izzy agree wholeheartedly that questions relevant to broach when it comes to intimacy on a movie set, are as relevant when it comes to intimacy  e v e r y w h e r e !

What am I ok with? What do I feel comfortable doing, or receiving? What do I like? What do I want? And how do I want it? Where’s my boundaries? What am I consenting to? And what about you? How can we keep an ongoing conversation about consent flowing? 

Beauty is in discovering all these things about the person you are with. Talking with them, diving deep and just exploring things together. ~Izzy

‘And how does this connect to expanding my English vocabulary through reading’, you ask, scratching your head, somewhat confused…

Well. Simply by having the conversation, asking the question(s), pondering my answer or the answer of my partner, I am expanding my intimacy vocabulary, aren’t I? And that’s a vocabulary that I can carry with me everywhere, because intimacy sure is so much more than bodies naked together in a bed, isn’t it?

I invite you to dive deep into intimacy with me and Izzy here. I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t at least one or two moments of genuine tankespjärn for you here.

Izzy can be found through RedCheeks

Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard, a Young Adult fantasy book

Steve Emery, another meandering conversation-partner of mine

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RedCheeks podcast episode with a sex worker

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