Me and Reddy dive deep into connection in this our fourth conversation.

(Again. Seems we come around to this central theme every conversation, even though it might take on slightly different shapes and colors.)

Why, why is it so hard to imagine that everything is connected? Everyone is connected, all thoughts, all ideas, all emotions, all our feelings. Everything’s connected. And I actually have to remind myself that I’m connected. ~ Reddy

Have you ever felt disconnected? Separate, alienated, all alone.


The number of human beings who hasn’t felt that has to be low. But I’d venture a guess, that can never be anything but a guess, that the more we culturally have separated ourselves from Nature, the more disconnected, separate, alienated and alone we feel.

I don’t even need to make the connections. Connections are there, they’re being made. I just need to let them flow effortlessly. ~ Reddy

When we believe the only people around are humans, already then, we’ve severely minimized the possibility of connection that is always and already there. And cognition seems to be a possible culprit here. I can talk myself out of needs I have, however real, physical and valid they are. Fear-driven rather than willing to explore and expand, I make myself small and unimportant, when, really, I am not. And neither are you.

We matter, our needs matter, and sometimes I wish we could be more like cats or little kids. Cats do Cat, you know? Pop the cat doesn’t worry about what I might think of him when he desperately needs to get outside even though I am in the middle of a pod-recording. Little kids do Human, in the same way. Not yet entangled in norms and expectations, the culture of the family, the neighbourhood, the country, and the domesticated behaviours deemed good and worthy.

What would happen if more of us flowed with the wave of our personal energy, be it domestication or animalistic? Scary thought? Well. Perhaps. But maybe you can explore it in a way that isn’t scary, but rather expanding?

This, and many other threads of tankespjärn are definitely to be had if you press Play, diving deep into connection with me and Reddy.


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