I enjoy having meandering conversations. Period. Give me a soul willing and eager to partake in such an explorative undertaking and I am happy. But there’s something special in having this type of conversation with someone much younger than me, and Luke is just that.

“I think everything can be a portal, a prompt, a door that might open, a seed. There’s a signal in everything. Question is, do I want to pick up on it? Do I have the energy to pick up on it? Do I feel any ‘No, that signal doesn’t really work right now’, or ‘I don’t like the vibes of that one’?” ~ Helena

And I don’t mean to shine a light on the age difference itself, really, but, it does provide extra spice somehow. It adds an edge, in the way that any other type of difference will… and yet, part of the edge of this particular difference, is how there are so many similarities between us, despite me being twice the age of Luke. Perhaps, it’s just another type, or flavour, of signal, for me?

Me and Luke, we dance a lot in this conversation, right on the heels of me and Özlem, who definitely did the same (danced a lot, I mean) in episode 72. Stuck behind a microphone half a globe apart from each other, dance? Together? Really?

“I can intellectually understand something, but to fully integrate and experientially understand it, takes some time.” ~ Luke


It’s possible. Even under these circumstances.

And a lot of fun too!

Just make sure you don’t fall in the very common trap that Luke pinpointed halfway through our conversation.

Oh, I should definitely dance more!

Oh, I wish I would feel comfortable on the dance floor!

Oh, if only I could dance as well as she can!

“It’s very easy to should/would/could yourself.” ~ Luke

It is.

And however much I wish it weren’t so, it still is.

But I do have a choice. And so do you.

So, take that piece of tankespjärn and ponder: when do you should/would/could yourself? What would be another way of being, in those moments? Might the walking barefoot, dancing or going with the flow, be ways of shifting from the shoulding/coulding/woulding, into something else?


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