The wintering will continue, and season four of Meandering Conversations are put on hold. For how long, no one knows. There might be the sporadic pod episode in this feed though, perhaps me reading a few blog posts, the occasional solitary reflection or perhaps a random meandering conversation or two. Who knows.

In the meantime, if you need a dose of tankespjärn now and again, check out the backlog (in your pod feed or on YouTube), there’s plenty to revisit.

And I invite you to join me for another type of meandering conversation, in any or all of the eleven Doing Gentle With An Edge salons I will be hosting over on interintellect. All details can be found here →

The urge to write is bubbling more and more within me, and if you want to keep tabs on that, sign up for news on There you can also reach out to me for a CoachTalk, which in many ways is like personal meandering conversation.

Hope to see you around – somewhere, somehow!