You not only deserve being gentle towards yourself, it’s actually how you are born. We are all born with an innate well-being. It’s our birthright. It is there. Alwaysdoing gentle 2 there. Sometimes clouded over, but still, always already there, even if it’s in the background. Just like the sun. It’s always there, regardless if it’s a clear, crisp sunny winter day, or a cloudy, rainy and windy autumn day. The sun is there. It’s just hidden behind the cloud cover. It’s there at night as well, it just so happens there’s a planet between you and it.

Well-being is the same. It is always already there. And even better, there’s nothing I have to do to get it up and running. It’s like gravity. Gravity is always there, regardless if I know about it or not. A toddler jumping off the couch will fall down on the floor, despite not knowing a thing about gravity. Gravity doesn’t require you to know about it, for it to work. It just works. It’s just there.

So what if you stop thinking about yourself as if well-being is something that lies outside of yourself, something that can only be obtained if you get that job you want, or fall in love with the perfect man, or win the lottery, or… whatever. Happiness and well-being doesn’t reside outside of you. It is in you, and is always already in you.

What if well-being is always available to you, regardless of the circumstances?



First published on my blog on January 24th, 2016:

Søren Lassen Andreasen – audio production
Olof Jennfors – soundtrack
Anders Roos – photography