look up

Look up, he told me. Look up!

There is the sky. The sun. The world.
It is not all dark, drab, solitary. There is more than misery. Much much more.
Look up. Live. Exult. Rejoice. Cherish that which is, and to hell with the rest.
Live life to it’s fullest. That’s a choice we can make. That’s a choice I can make.
Do I?

Look up – it is not hopeless. All is not lost.
There is light, there is love, there is sunshine and generosity.
Humor, passion, friendship. Causes to pursue. Projects to dedicate myself to.
Relationships. Laughter and ice cream and green smoothies.
Wet kisses from infants and teasing tweens. And there’s knitting.
Adventures to be had.

Life. Live it.
Looking up.
That’s where it can be lived – by me.

I can choose to keep my head down. To look down, refuse to see that which is there, right in front of me, if only I raise my head from it’s downward slump.
That which is there but which may never ever come into the world, unless I look up, until I uncover it.
The endless possibilities in life that may come into my awareness, into my life.
When I look up. When I live. Fully. When I love without abandon.

Look up. Live. Love. 


First published on my blog on June 15th, 2016: https://helenaroth.com/look-up-he-told-me/

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Audio production: Caspian Almerud

Photography: Anders Roos http://www.andersroos.nu/

Soundtrack: Olof Jennfors Ljudtjänst http://jennforsljud.se/