Have you noticed how some thoughts can sound perfectly wise inside our heads, and when we finally share them with someone, it’s as if we see them for the first time, and we get to see how warped our thinking has been?

I think we all need that. A sounding board. Someone to sound off the thoughts within our head with. Helping us see them. Someone who mirrors what we think, and reflects it back to us. Someone who’s not emotionally involved, and hence can take another perspective, elevating our own understanding and wisdom. Opening up for what wants to happen, rather than getting stuck in petty thoughts of jealousy, anger or the urge to lash out at some perceived wrong-doing.

Sometimes all it takes is someone who listens to me for me to step out of the drama and return to a state of open mind, heart, will, that state that I firmly believe is our baseline. That’s what we are built for.

I have several sounding boards. And at times when life throws me curve ball after curve ball, I get to reap the rewards of having created relationships as close, loving and accepting such as the ones I am thinking of as I sit here writing this post. And I exhale, slowly, letting my shoulders drop, knowing I am being held in a warm embrace of love.

held loved

Held. Loved.

Exhaling, I release my gratitude into the world, for the relationships I have co-created with such wonderful people. My sounding boards. In times of need. Just as I am theirs, when they need one and turn to me.

To hold, and be held.
To love, and be loved.

Thank you!

First published on my blog on September 20th, 2016: https://helenaroth.com/my-sounding-boards/

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