Do you know the feeling, when it’s like there is an elephant in the room, that everyone pretends not to see? Everyone is trying hard to ignore it, chitchatting away or just keeping silent, wishing fervently for someone else to do something, say something, anything, just to get a break from the intense atmosphere?

It can take a lot of courage to be the one to put the spotlight on the elephant. But oh how I wish that was something more people dared to do. Because honestly, who is served by keeping this kind of culture going?

And sure. At a workplace, perhaps it is the boss who should break the ice, be the one to call forth the underlying issue that causes elephants to occur. But what if the boss isn’t capable of doing that, for whatever reason? Should we then keep on perpetuating the current elephant-generating climate, or should I perhaps take a stance? Or you?

It’s not an easy call, it can take a lot of courage, and there are risks associated with it, I do believe. Well, I know. But more often than not, the aftermath of outing the elephant usually aren’t even close to being as bad as I imagined them to be. Believing all hell will break loose, only to realize it’s like a dud shot. And personally, I’d rather take my chances at influencing the current work climate, than not. The alternative might be to find a different job, because seriously, I don’t want to work at a place like that. But I sure want to make sure I’ve done my bit first, to be the change I want to see, right?!


Think I have pushed the metaphor far enough now though, don’t you? But apart from that, what’s your take on this?


First published on my blog on May 19th, 2016:




Audio production: Caspian Almerud

Photography: Anders Roos

Soundtrack: Olof Jennfors Ljudtjänst