One thing at a time. It makes sense. And it is a way to be gentle to yourself. Let yourself work on one thing at a time. Even though the urge to take on this, and that, and just a wee bit of this other thing as well, is strong within. And it might work. For sure. It depends on you to a large extent, and to your reasons for doing it. Or perhaps, better stated: it depends upon where the urge comes from. If it’s a sensible and logical conclusion, you’ve decided to stop drinking, smoking, eating too much, start to exercise and cook better food, and only drink green smoothies for breakfast and, and, and… Or if it’s actually something that you know to do. Something that is coming through you, with the quiet wisdom of Mind behind it.

Tim Ferriss talks about an egg. When people approach him, asking for help to get their life together (health, food, exercise and such), he has them start with an egg. You want to change your diet, get healthier, move more, sleep better? Start with an egg. Regardless of what your breakfast routine may look like, if it’s non-existent, or consists of sugar-coated cereal and low-fat milk, or is actually quite sensible. Start with an egg. That’s it. Add an egg. Simple. Boil it. Poach it. Whatever. Just add an egg to your breakfast.

The simple beauty of this is that regardless of what else you do, that egg will be beneficial. You will notice a shift. In endurance. Stamina. Ability to focus. It will help, in all those areas. Perhaps just a wee bit, but if you pay attention, you will spot the difference.

And once you’ve added that egg, noticed the benefits, and gotten into the routine to have your morning egg, then you can add another egg. Only this egg doesn’t have to be an actual egg. It can be a metaphorical egg. Pick one thing you can add, that will work in the same way as the breakfast egg. One tiny thing, as easy as an egg, that will benefit you, in some way.

Perhaps add a 15 minute walk to work? Or a five-minute meditation practice right before going to bed? Smiling at people you meet?

It doesn’t really matter. But add. Don’t subtract. At least not now. It’s so much harder to subtract than to add. Adding feels generous, there’s a sense of abundance to it. Subtracting on the other hand, means depriving yourself of something, actively thinking in negative terms (don’t do this, avoid that), and it’s actually hard on the brain to grasp.

Don’t think about the blue elephant wearing red smiling trunks, sitting up in the tree.

Yeah right. I’m definitely picturing that in my mind now. And you know why? Because the brain doesn’t register the ”don’t”. We picture the elephant, we can’t picture NOT picturing the elephant. So if nothing else – perhaps you can add the egg of talking in positives. Of framing your wishes, your dreams and desires, in positives. Avoid the negative words, the not’s, and observe what happens.

I’ve added eggs to my life. Sometimes an egg at a time, and sometimes enough to make an omelette. Some of these I have a long history with, some are newer.
*Having yoghurt and fresh fruit for lunch.
*My morning green smoothie.
*Headspace meditation before getting up in the morning
*Doing my Seven exercise before getting dressed.
*Getting myself a coach, whom I meet with regularly.
*Smiling at people I meet, regardless if I know them or not.whatsyouregg
*Taking active part in a MasterMind-group every third week, just to name a few…

Guess what? They are all beneficial. And, even more importantly, I am sticking with them. I enjoy them, I benefit from them, my life is better because of them. Sometimes I forget the odd egg here or there, but fairly quickly I pick up the habit again, whatever it is. Because I matter. My wellbeing is the most important thing for me. If I am well, living a rich life, taking care of my health both mentally and physically, it means I can be there for you. And I want to be there for you. That’s another reason why I am sticking to my eggs. It benefits me. And those around me.

In time, your eggs will automatically have the effect of ousting the bad eggs in your life, so to speak. So. If you could add a (metaphorical) egg to your life, what would it be?


First published on my blog on January 27th, 2016:

Audio production: Søren Lassen Andreasen
Photography: Anders Roos
Soundtrack: Olof Jennfors Ljudtjänst