Yesterday morning I took my sourdough starter from the refrigerator, added it to a bigger bowl and mixed it with equal amounts of water and flour. Got home after a long day, and peeked under the dishcloth covering the bowl.

sourdoughBubbling, filled with life, the microbes of the sourdough starter had multiplied and the bowl was filled with beautiful bubbles. Stuck my nose under the cloth cover and inhaled deeply. The force of life so obvious, apparent, powerful; rich, musty, making me smile at the wonder of it all.

Almost forgot to remove one hundred grams to put in the fridge again as started, but luckily I remembered before it was too late! Added more flour, water, salt, rosemary and crushed rye, and mixed it all up before tucking it in for the night under the dishcloth again.

This morning it had, again, risen most beautifully, and I made buns that I let sit for a few more hours before baking them. Had extended family over for most of the day, and we enjoyed the most delicious lunch treat of homemade sourdough buns, with cheese and homemade plum jam, peanut butter and carrot sticks. Yum!

I only use sourdough, no added yeast. And yes, it requires a bit of planning, as I can not create ready-to-eat-buns (which is my favorite, I freely admit) in an hour or two, I need twenty-four or so. But hey – it’s so worth it!