Alma came to me yesterday, saying You’ve got to watch this mom! before putting her computer in front of me, pressing play on this:

And I cried. Tears streaming down my face. I get so incredibly moved these days, and really truly allow myself to feel what I feel. And listening to this I felt… joy, wonder, gratitude, pride, happiness, amazement, love, astonishment. An assortment of feelings that made me cry tears of joy, wonder, gratitude and so on. Watching her face. Seeing the tears in the eyes of her mother. Her sister hugging her so tightly.

The grace of Grace.
Twelve years old.
Indeed I do believe Simon Cowell might have hit the hammer on the nail: Is she “the next Taylor Swift”?

Grace VanderWaal, I think you already are.
You have a great original voice, playing your instrument, writing your own songs with great tunes and profound lyrics.

So off you go.
Fly – flap those wings, strum that ukulele and let your voice out into the world!