White privilege.
That’s the thought that crosses my mind as I listen, for the second time (pressing play immediately after listening the first time round), to Codeswitch podcast episode A decade of watching black people die.

This is what white privilege looks like, I think as I stand there, out in the garden on a lovely summer evening, clear blue sky, sun shining bright as day, with my gloved hands deep in the soil of a pot, potting chili-plants I got as seedlings from a friend.

There’s so much for me to learn.
So I listen.
To Libra Forde on how the Corona-pandemic has given me as a white person, a chance at experiencing what people of color live with on a daily basis.
To Throughline on American police, making me wonder at the history of police and policing in Sweden, where I live. And in the UK, and in…

And I read.
Amanda Judd with the most powerful poem on George Floyd.
Ayana Elisabeth Johnson on how climate change and racism are intricately connected.

And I watch.
American Son.
Trevor Noah on connecting dominos.

There’s much for me to learn.
Help me. Tell me, what are you listening to, reading, watching?

#tankespjärn, for those who wish to discover. More. Other. New.