Badly planned day.
Here I am, ten pm, and I’ve yet to write my blog post for the day.

And I am tired. I want to go to bed.
So instead of trying to churn something out, I will simply give you a peek at what my afternoon brought me:

Mr D (yeah, the Buddha) came over (yeah, actually came over. Sweden does this Corona-business slightly different than most countries, for better or for worse) to help me work the garden. We bought 18 sacks of soil, 6 of cow-dung and 2 bags of potatoes to plant.

We managed to get 15 of my planting frames prepped (with water, cardboard and a bag of new soil, which will be accompanied by sawdust, cow-dung and bloodmeal on top within the next few days)  – the difference it makes to not do this work alone (I wouldn’t have –done it I mean– so you can imagine the difference!).

And then. This little geezer came on over, curiously checking out the newly spread out soil. There’s something special with bumblebees. Just love ’em.