It’s Good Friday and you are not supposed to wish anybody Happy Easter on Good Friday.

But… I read a suggestion on Instagram to reach a hand out to friends and family who are all alone this Easter, and all of a sudden, I had texted more than twenty people – mom, dad, aunt, old class-mates, bonus kids with their respective partners, workmates, wives and dear friends, an old fling, a current Tinder date… – wishing them all a Happy Easter and giving them the gift of one of the most beautiful musical works I know, the Stabat Mater that Jens Bragdell Eriksson wrote with and for the Södra Sallerup church choir in 2016.

We’ve sung it a number of times, and there are at least four versions of it on YouTube, from the very first performance ever, to an auto-generated playlist of the album we recorded in 2017 that is also available on Spotify.

With this, I wish you a Happy Easter as well, however inappropriate it is.

(Me, front row, second to the left behind the string quartet.)