I am beyond words.

As I close my eyes, I see swathes of vibrant colorful blobs of paint exploding onto a blank piece of canvas.
A large canvas, expanding in all directions. an endless amount of space to paint.

Life. Love. Liberation.

KlasInfluenced by Klas Parknäs, the wonderful Finder I have had the pleasure of spending two afternoons with at the Gothenburg Book Fair, ending tomorrow. I left today, and won’t be there physically to witness the birth of this Gift to the world.

But I am there. In spirit.

As Klas has been painting, talking, listening, standing radiant in his inspiration, he is a guiding light for me, right now. Shining a light, bright enough for me to better be able to make out the shoreline, far away in the distance. I have left the life boat, and I am swimming. Stroke by stroke, shore is coming closer.

Life. Love. Liberation.