“Do you not see, then, how everything that happens is for ever a beginning?”

What would happen if I were to live life from that standpoint for a day, a week, a year?
That everything, whatever it is, is a beginning. Of something or other.

Resigning from work. A beginning of a new – and perhaps untested – way of earning a living.
Moving house. The opportunity to get to know a new neighborhood.
Meeting and making a new friend. A whole new vista opening up before – and within – me.
Learning a new language. Perhaps falling in love with a whole culture, wanting to spend more and more time there.
Bidding a loved one farewell, perhaps from old age, disease, an accident. Pain barely bearable, and yet, a page is turned, and something new begins. Perhaps unwanted, resisted, undesired… and yet: there it is.

a new vistaEverything that happens is, for ever, a beginning, he wrote, and I wonder if I (MeYouWe?) have learned too well to hang on to what is, for fear of what might be? For fear of what new beginnings might come into fruition, beginnings into something I know nothing about, have never tried before, something which opens up a totally unknown vista before my eyes? Something that might require me to make shifts in how I live my life, shifts which impact others around me as well?

“Do you not see, then, how everything that happens is for ever a beginning?”

Yes. I do.
I simply haven’t thought about it before in quite so an all-encompassing manner, and… lo and behold, it excites me. Not frightened, but excited, I vow to put this spin on things more deliberately from now on – letting come that which wants to happen.

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The book “Letters to a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke.
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