the dip“You’re too far in to turn around and not close enough to the end to see the light.”

That could have been my sentiments today, as I reach the half-way mark of the #blogg100 challenge. For the specific challenge of daily blogging for one hundred consecutive days I am not experiencing The Dip, which is what Seth Godin calls that moment when you just cannot seem to get anywhere… when you’ve tried everything, but still feel as if you are stuck in a rut. With persistence the dip can be overcome though, and all of a sudden, you push through to the other side.

The risk you face is that it isn’t a dip at all, but rather a bottomless pit, and the trick is to know when to persevere, and when to let go. Because if you persevere with a bottomless pit, you are wasting time, energy, effort, for nothing. Well. Experience, I guess, trying to find a silver lining, but besides that, you’re better off letting go, to enable letting come… of what? Possibly the thing, that’s been eager to show up in your life, but for the fact that you’ve been so busy trying to fill that bottomless pit, blind to everything around you.

#Blogg100 challenge in 2017 – post number 50 of 100.
The book “Rising strong” by Brené Brown.
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