What happens in you when you smile? Have you noticed?

smile moreYou know, there’s even science to back up the fact that smiling increases our wellbeing. And you don’t even have to smile smile. It’s enough, if you really don’t want to smile, to bite down on a pen. Putting it horizontal in front of your mouth, and biting down on it. Not too hard, you don’t want to break it, but just hold it there. Activating these muscles is enough to raise your wellbeing a little bit. And the added bonus, when biting down on the pen, is you feel kind of silly and will likely start to smile just because!

I try to smile a lot. When I meet people, on the street, walking, riding my bike, getting on the bus, standing in line at the supermarket. You name it. I have made it a habit to smile, and often to nod a little hello as well. And I love the smiles I get back. Makes me feel like I have been seen. That I am. Someone. You smiling at me, verifies me. Makes me aware of the connection between us. And my guess is, you feel the same when I smile at you.

So. Smile at the world. It will make you feel better and it will make those you meet feel better as well. A clear win win in my opinion!

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