Tankespjärn has leveled up, and now has its very own plot of land on the world wide web. With it my old site is out of commission (or rather, redirects you here), so I’ve got a new place to blog. This place!

It feels… special. Pristine, somehow.
Even though the site has been populated with all the blog posts from helenaroth dot com, so in a sense, it’s far from pristine… but regardless, this is the first post.

I am like a proud mama, eager to witness my baby take her first steps into the world, and at the same time, slightly apprehensive. What will people think? What if people find the new logo ugly? Or don’t see the point in why I’m bothering with this? Or… 

I wanna protect my baby (i.e. me) from the critics, and at the same time… I cannot. Or rather, I could, but that would entail me not doing anything, really. Because the moment I step out onto the arena, I am out in the open. And yes, it’s a vulnerable position, but it’s also generous.

Generous, I say, deliberately.
To be a creator, of whatever, is one thing.
But not until I share what I create (ship, publish, put my creations out there, whatever term you fancy), am I being generous. So I say sod it to my apprehensions. They are  n o t  enough to stop me from saying Here. I made this. 

The rest is up to you. Feel free to check it out, taste a few other blog posts, listen to a pod-episode or two, and who knows, perhaps even buy Doing gentle with an edge. If you don’t like what you see, I bid you Farewell, and thank you for the visit. If, on the other hand you do like what you see, then I say Welcome, and invite you to hook arms with me in whatever way works for you.

And there’s a lot you could do. Subscribe to updates. Join the community. Buy the book. Read more blog posts. Listen to the pod. Reach out a curious hand with regards to the services offered. Perhaps even share the site or a specific entry with a friend.

So here I go: Pressing Publish.