Yesterday I posted a blog post on my Swedish blog, with the title ”If you die…”. It should probably have read WHEN you die, as we will all walk down that route, but the title is actually the first half of a podcast episode I was blogging about. My friend Jan did a post on what happens when you die, on inheritance and life insurance, on being married or cohabiting, or any number of different scenarios.

If you are Swedish or understand Swedish, please check it out. But if you’re not (which, honestly, most people aren’t), I would like to ask you to check out what the law says where you live. If your country has laws that even slightly resembles the Swedish system, it’s well worth checking it out. It’s very important to check it out if you have children (at least that’s what can make it extra complicated in Sweden), and especially so if either of you brought children into the relationship.

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