Visibly mended jeans, a bit with white/light criss-crossing lines and red/orange stitched flowers atop.Not done yet (well. Won’t ever be done as these jeans are a constant work in progress.) as there’s room for a few more flowers. The image is still worthy of a share, inspired as I am, loving what I see grow forth from my fingers – through my fingers?

There’s a big patch on the back of the fabric, stitched in place with the white/light lines criss-crossing the area. I knew I wanted to put flowers atop, as there’s quite the flower theme on these pants already, as evidenced by the topmost two red flowers up in the right corner.

Sitting here, making first one flower, then another flower, a third, fourth and so on, letting my fingers guide me to pick threads in the same color-scale, guide me in the placement of the flowers, intentionally picking threadbare places to strengthen even more, this little piece/part/place of these beloved denim jeans of mine turn into something else, something astonishingly beautiful. Not picture-perfect beautiful, not absolute precision and precise-beautiful, but raw, honest, filled-to-the-brim-with-life-beautiful.

Brings tears to my eyes, which might just be a testament to my state of mind at the moment (tired after a long and tough week, tired after a long and tough year), but I don’t think so. No. These tears come from gratitude for being alive, feeling life-force coursing through my veins, for loving and having loved, reminded yet again in these past few days of the preciousness of life, and how it cannot, in any way, be taken for granted.