In 2015 I did a ”cleanse for expansion”-project while attending Michael Neill’s 90 days online Create the impossible-workshop. I aimed to go through and organize everything –my physical space (home) as well as my digital one(s)– and blog daily about it. The latter I did, the former I didn’t quite manage, but not far from it, especially not with regards to my physical space.

Now and again, thoughts of doing some type of repeat pop up, and even though I haven’t committed to it, a month ago I started to envision actually doing a big thorough cleaning of each and every room in the house again. Cleaning, while also sorting, ensuring I only keep and have things I truly want and need. Donating/Selling/Dumping the rest.

Today, as the weather was anything but gardening-friendly, I started. (Writing it here, I realize that’s what I did. At the time, I didn’t see the connection, but hey… why not consider this project started?) I took out everything from my wardrobe. Cleaned it out thoroughly, only put back what I want to use, piling the rest in one of three categories: Mend, Recycle, Sell/Donate.

But, alas, far from being a place only for clothes, I also had jewelry, and old glasses, an old computer and a bunch of old USB-memory sticks (great fun, loads of old photos on them, from 2011 onwards!), bed linen, old passports and a whole bunch of books that I’ve bought to give away in the wardrobe.

It feels good having gotten my wardrobe in order.
And that’s generally the feeling I had when I did my impossible-project, so yeah. I do want to go through my stuff again. It’s time. Since 2015 I’ve been quite good at not buying more stuff, but you know, it sort of builds up anyway. Tomorrow, perhaps the bookcase in my bedroom? Having started in there, I might just continue? Otherwise, the pantry is a good contender, it needs a good purge along with the rest of the kitchen!