Today is another day.

What worked yesterday, was a thrill last week, made me feel on top of the world last month.. might not work at all, make me shrug my shoulders or feel at the bottom of the barrel today.

Because today is another day.

And it all depends.

On my state of mind. How much sleep I’ve gotten lately. What food I’ve ingested, and how much or little. Whether or not there’s a cold lurking in the bushes, I’ve had a fight with my kids or there’s a massive headwind.

It all depends.

So comparing my performance of today, with that of tomorrow, should be done with a gentleness, taking heed of factors that might have an impact.


But one of many meanders of mine and Frank’s in this episode, which, just as every conversation has been, neither one of us comes ”prepared for”. And the beauty of it is, that ”it happens” anyway. Starting with a hello, passing over the hot weather end June/beginning July, 2021, relocating in childhood, the strategic airlift command of the United States Air Force, flying in the era of Covid-19, landing in whether or not it’s common that people do life reviews.

Frank thinks No, it’s not common. I am prone to agree.

Perhaps because I’m not sure I’ve ever truly done one myself, even though in one sense I probably live a continuous life review, being an avid Observer with a lot of reflecting going on.

Some questions to ponder might be:

These past years, what’s it been like? Looking forward x years, what do I want? Where do I want to go? How do I want to feel? Who do I want to surround myself with? Are there experiences that I want to experience and how can I plan for that? Are there experiences I really don’t want to have happen again? And how do I ensure that? Generally, as well as in specific areas of life, what takes my energy? What gives me energy?

Add/Subtract and play around with other questions, remember to be gentle with yourself in the process and have fun. That is, if you’re willing to take on the tankespjärn of actually sitting with this for a while?