In the fourth conversation with Mayke we get real. Again. As always. Mayke is nervous, and wise as she is, she’s learned in life to start where she’s at. Real conversations. That’s what these conversations are, for me. Had a friend tell me he listened to the pod. He said he liked it, so I asked what it was he liked? That was his answer too. It’s real conversations.

Inspired by Seth Godin, I riff how going from the 12-set box of crayons to the 64-set the world becomes more nuanced, richer and of greater depth. He spoke about this in an AKIMBO-podcast episode, using the greater nuance of colors as vital to a painter as a well-stocked vocabulary of words is to a writer. With an increase in available words, or colors, the world is expanded.

Therapy is helping me do the same, as I (re-)discover characters within, or aspects of me. What makes it discoveries such as these more valuable for me is writing it down as well as speaking it through. So having conversations like these is definitely of great help for me, as I ”become human again”, to use the words of Mayke. It’s a way to flesh out those inner characters and aspects, in ways that bring me away from the dichotomy of Good or Bad, more into a state of Yin and Yang. How things within contains a drop of, or a portal into, something else, seemingly opposite, but perhaps rather complementary. Of use at times, where the ability to use discernment is key.

The more I get to know myself, the less afraid I am of all of me, be it light- or shadow-sides, the more I can see, and understand, and honor, all sides of others. It’s kind of like going from the 12-color crayon set to the box of 64, I get better at deciphering more nuances of humanity, more aspects of being human. That’s an outcome, but not an intentional one. It just so happens, when I dive deeper into me, understanding, discovering, exploring ever more, it simultaneously becomes easier to see others. Perhaps it’s as if the resonance box that I am, in relation to others, is increased? Making it possible to pick up more vibrations, other frequencies than before.

And that’s just the bonus of diving deep within.

Quite a fantastic side-effect, don’t you think?

(There’s some tankespjärn for you!)


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