Approaching the end of my 5 x 5 conversations for this season of ’Tankespjärn with Helena Roth’ I get the idea to do a joint conversation with everyone involved, as a way to share and reflect together on what this experience has been like. I invited Caspian Almerud to moderate, and for those who haven’t figured it out, without Caspian there would be no pod! I record conversations, check for snippets and write the episode descriptions, and he does everything else.

With seven people spread across the globe, finding one time that suited us all turned out to be impossible. So we divided it up, into a 3 + 2-set up, where this is the first, featuring me and Caspian in conversation with Mayke Vullings, Frank Ebbert and Beverly Delidow.

I’m so blessed to spend time with people who nourish me with the beauty of words, the beauty of phrases, the beauty of silence.


I got teary-eyed more than once, or… who am I kidding?

Four, five times at least, having to snivel and dry my eyes, in awe of what I heard, felt, saw.

You have to trust the person you’re interacting with. I do.

And then you have to trust yourself, which is sometimes the bigger question.


Creating space for the other to hear themselves.


Let the world be beautiful and me be within.


During this conversation I receive an insight.

These conversations have played a bigger part of my life in the past six months, then I’ve previously been aware of. Sitting like this, reflecting and listening together, I realize I’ve been having five times the amount of conversations as the others. Five long meandering conversations with each of five most remarkable persons. That’s twenty-five conversations, none shorter than one hour twenty minutes, the longest two hours fifty, and then… going through each transcript, listening to the snippets from each, and writing an episode description. All adding to the time I’ve spent on this. I’ve immersed myself in this project for at least one hundred hours in the past six months. And that’s probably cutting it short. Say two hundred? Perhaps even more…

No wonder!

How could something so immersive not have an impact on me?

An impact that ripples out into all other areas of my life.

There has been magic in all of these conversations. That’s sort of what ties them together.

~ Caspian

It sure is.

And what a lovely common thread, magic.

Now there’s some tankespjärn for you. Perhaps?

How can you invite more magic into your life?