When I started thinking of season two of meandering conversations I got the idea to shake it up a bit. What about having a conversation with not just one but two people?

That’s why, here, you will meet both Matthew Word Bain –dear friend and wise soul, lover of creativeexpressions, taking form in the world through words, prose and poetry alike, photographs, music, video, and a knowledge that he’s ever so generously sharing, with me and many others. If I had to use one word for him, I’d say Curious.– and Inma J. Lopez –equally dear friend and magician of sensations, tastes, textures, as a sommelier and foodie she invites and entices me to discovering dimensions to food and drink in ways I’ve never before experienced them. She uses the word Attention, and yes, attentive is definitely what I perceive Inma as– both of whom are members of the Creative Community born in August of 2020 after the end of first cohort of The Creative’s Workshop. Funnily enough neither Matthew nor Inma has taken that specific workshop, yet…

We’ve been having many conversations amongst the three of us for the past year, and it’s always energizing and bubbling, meandering wildly, and after one of those sessions in June I popped the question to them both, if they would consider being a part of the second podcast-season. As you can surmise, they both said Yes!

Networks, mycelium, fungi, community, play, exploration. Place and space. Development.

All of these (and more, many more) are words/concepts we’ve been circling round and round for the past year, and we dive straight into some of them in this the first recorded conversation of ours too.

How communities build, form, change, how they cultivate their very own and special culture fascinates us all, with The Creative Community as a very tangible entity all of its own. And how to enrich a community such as ours? How to connect to, and interact with, other communities? Where to find them? How to reach out? What to do together, how to play, explore, experiment, help nourish each other?

And what’s the place of the giants here? Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and the likes. Do they help? Or hinder?

Looking at that, and taking the perspective of local – national – global informed us, and… well. Just listen. I promise there’s some tankespjärn for you here!


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