Reddy showed up in snazzy glasses and a newly painted background wall which set off off in this three-hour conversation. It also inspired me to put on a tiara I’d recently fallen in love with. And I almost don’t know how to even approach that… wearing a tiara is, no, has been, so far away from who I am, or at least from whom I think I am. And then, invited to put one on when I met up with my three wives (long story that one, suffice it to say these are three ladies very dear to my heart. We all have a shared bond that goes deep, and I know that we all know that we are all there for each other.) for a spa-day together, not only did I like what I saw when wearing it, it made me feel good

Play is something that cuts across boundaries, borders, cultures, religions, ages, hierarchy, status.” ~Reddy 

Invited to play (I mean, putting on a tiara for crying out loud?!), I accepted the invite and all of a sudden, am transformed by the experience! Who knew I am a person who loves wearing a tiara? I sure didn’t, but I am so thrilled to have met that certain someone within me who does. Tiara-lady is certainly part of my crew of Superheroes, which also is something we spend quite a lot of time talking about. 

The individualism involved in dressing up is something I feel is almost lost to most people.” ~Reddy

Part of the reason the tiara clicked for me is how perfectly it matches my beloved GoT-poncho, a poncho I knitted while binge-watching the entire series, and have worn almost on a daily basis ever since. But more than that, it affects my entire physical presence. I have to sit up straight in it, as it’s a tad too big for my head and would fall off otherwise (now I know why royals walk with that regal air!). It’s not uncomfortable though. It’s fun. It makes me experience life from a different outlook than when I don’t have it on.  

After me and Reddy had finished recording our marathon-long podcast episode, I had a Teams-meeting with two colleagues, and… I debated whether or not to continue wearing the tiara or not, and… surprise surprise (or not?!) I did. Logging on to Teams I heard one of my colleagues, both of whom I’ve worked closely with for the past year and a half, say “You’re all dressed up, Helena. Looking good in your tiara!”. They know me well, quirks and all, that’s for sure. And I love that! 

So, playtime it is, take a listen and let me know what was the biggest piece of tankespjärn for you in this episode!



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