“I think it’s so important that you have conversations with people on the podcast and you publish it [so] people can experience different people, basically different voices, different ways of thinking.” ~Izzy

It’s fascinating how the common thread of each of these 5×5 conversations varies. Matthew, Inma and me speak a lot about space, place and the gift economy. Reddy and me have been travelling within and without, visiting the Himalayas and native lands, food and languages. A journey in the footsteps of Andy’s quickly growing creative-babies (13 songs born just before we had our first conversation). There’s been some deeply personal and creative explorations with Steve, and with Izzy, well, intimacy is it. This conversation is no different, even though we take a slightly different slant, and get a bit more explicit here.

Like the difference between the hypersexualized world we live in, a world I perceive as zoomed in, in-my-face, explicit. The in-and-out:ness of porn, in a Duracell Bunny-hyped energy that… just doesn’t get my juices flowing. Counter that with what does; something much more sensual, erotica which feels more zoomed out, with a lot of allure, a dance between light and shadow, leaving a lot to my own imagination.

Luckily, I get to choose, and so do you. Like Izzy says, we’re all different!

She also points to something that is rarely spoken about: the benefits of pleasureable sex.

“There is research that proves that having sex, enjoyable sex, sex that allows you to explore your own and your partner’s pleasures, sex that is consensual, has a positive impact on your health.” ~Izzy

She calls it ’the discovery of our pleasures’ which brings a smile to my face. Perhaps because that phrase opens pleasure up (way) beyond sex? Or the other way around, opens sex up to be more than I have labelled it to be? The sensuality of ordinary life suddenly takes on a whole new tint and tone… mmm. I like it!

Tag along for a ride that will certainly give you a tankespjärn or two.


Izzy can be found through RedCheeks

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