‘I blew it up!’, he exclaimed, as we started talking, with Steve sharing his latest adventures, continuing, ‘I didn’t mean to blow it up, but I blew it up.’

Well. There you go.

The most fascinating things occur when doing internal work. Our processes have been running in parallel, with a lot of similarities and interweaving of experiences and issues, and as the same time, each of our processes are unique. I do process-oriented therapy for an hour and a half every week with a therapist, while Steve works ‘alone’ with journaling, where the journals kind of take the part of a therapist/guide, as he actively flicks through them now and again, as he’s stuck. Seeing new things, picking up on patterns etc.

What works for each of us individually might or might not work for the other, and these are also just two of probably a gazillion different ways of doing inner work. Luckily, there’s no one who can say they’ve figured out The Right Way, or The Only Way, which also means that if you’ve tried one way that didn’t sit well with you – experiment on my friend, there’s bound to be some way that works for you! And perhaps listening to me and Steve share our two ways of going about it might inspire you to take some type of action?

This is how I try to work. By being descriptive, rather than prescriptive. I don’t know what will work for you or not (and neither do you, perhaps), but if I describe what’s worked for me, you might be inspired to tweak and try something out yourself. And here you get two for the price of one, what with me and Steve walking a similar path, using different modalities.

There’s more (there’s always more) to be had than this, though, and I trust you will find a nugget or two of tankespjärn that will get your system churning!


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