Do you take yourself seriously?

Have a hard time laughing at yourself when you’ve done something whacky?

Is it a heavy burden to be you, to achieve all you’ve set out to achieve, according to standards you hold no one to, except yourself?

If so, you are in good company, as both me and Izzy have had our fair share of taking ourselves too seriously, with similarities and unique facets of what precisely that seriousness looks and feels like.

I’ve come a long way in comparison with myself of the past, and yet, diving deep into myself in process-oriented therapy, I am discovering all sort of new ways that I still take myself too seriously, holding myself to superhuman standard.

And too seriously… yes. I say that, deliberately, as judgmental as it might seem. And it is. Because taking myself too seriously means I stop the flow of life, it makes it really hard for me to dance with life, with whatever comes knocking on the door.

Izzy was preparing for a talk, when we recorded this conversation, and she was nervous. And taking herself seriously. And you know, what if those nervous fluttering sensations are an invite to not take yourself too seriously? What if…

Feeling that nervous fluttering of butterflies in my stomach could mean Oh no! which can sink me, but could also mean Oh yes! and raise me up. ~Helena


What if?

Now and again… what if’s can totally bring me down.

And if I flip them around, they can help me soar high into the sky.

Just like those fluttering wings.

Allowing for that flip is one way to invite tankespjärn into your life. So as you listen, see where there’s a flip for you, that will shift your perspective, challenge a belief, and possibly, just possibly, make you soar high.


Izzy can be found through RedCheeks

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