I am ruthless when it comes to notifications.
Off is the name of the game for me, with one exception: text messages (the actually text messages, not WhatsApp, Signal, Messenger etc. Those are off too.)

It bugs me, that any number of apps/services that I use, keep throwing a repeat question my way: You have notifications turned off. Sure you don’t wanna turn them on?

I am super-sure I don’t wanna turn them on. I have very deliberately and intentionally turned them off, and I’d like for you to respect that. I know how to turn them on again, if and when I choose to, and not because you are not taking no for an answer.

‘Our modern way of marketing is to never take no for an answer.’ ~Andy

Andy goes so far as to liken it to a type of rape-culture, which, honestly, it is. Isn’t it? I say no, no, no, no, no and no, and still, you keep at it (I am looking at you Goodreads, Goodpods, Twitter etc). Just won’t take no for an answer, until you’ve worn me down, so I might say yes, simply to get you to stop.

Me no like.
It makes my Inner Ethics Committee on Marketing go No. No thank you. Not now, not ever. And I have to wonder: Am I alone in this? (Rhetorical question. I am not. If nothing else, I’ve got Andy on my side.)

‘A mirror being held up: “Is this the person you want to be?”’ ~Andy

That is the bigger question lurking in the background. For me at least. (And obviously for Andy too, as he asked it.)

How do I want to show up in life? Online, offline, in person, in memory.
What do I do, what do I avoid doing? How do I do, and not do? And specifically, on the topic of marketing, what do I feel is worthy of being marketed? And how? When does my Inner Ethics Committee go Yes, and when does it go No? Definitely something for me to play some more with!

This is a type of marketing too, I just realized… argh! So much tankespjärn, available wherever I point my attention – and I hope you might also be able to find a nugget or two in this our fifth and final conversation.


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