Wrapping up season two I am filled with gratitude for the experience. All of it. From inviting conversation partners to setting up the first conversations, thoroughly enjoying conversations two and three, experiencing tugs at my heartstrings in conversation four and when finding times for the group reflections, to being a bit lost-for-words during the fifth and final (individual) conversations. At long last, I am brought to this point, where I am writing the episode description for the second and last group-episode.

‘It’s the conversations. That’s what matters, which comes through in spades.’ ~Andy

The insight that these meandering conversations hold value on many levels sweep by like a warm spring breeze, caressing my cheek ever so softly. For me in doing 5×5 deep and honest conversations. For my partners in playful explorative conversation, a dance based on open minds and curious hearts. For listeners feeling as if you are a part of the conversations. Which you are!

‘Conversation is an important part of our lives. And we need to learn to have those [deep] conversations in a way that encourages the thinking process.’ ~Izzy

How do you get deep and honest conversations into your life? How to invite, entice, instigate them, when, where, with whom? With others and/or with yourself?

‘The algorithms don’t really invite tankespjärn at all.’ ~Caspian

Where do you get seeds of enquiry, confusion, excitement to play and dance and create with?

‘Most of the time when I’m speaking, I don’t know how I’m going to finish my sentence. You know, I might have a general sense of what the idea is, but I increasingly find I speak to discover. There is a certain kind of space that’s required for that.’ ~Matthew

You are invited into just such a space, a space where the opportunity for tankespjärn is present, always and already. If, and when, you need nourishment, know that you are welcome to step into that space with me, with us.


The Tankespjärn community provides just such a space–you are welcome to join!

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