Mandell has some serious friendships going on, let me tell you. His story blasted my preconceived notions right out of the water, and I absolutely love it when that happens! You see… I have it in my mind that men are ‘worse at friendships’ than women.

Laying down flat on my back, showing you my exposed neck, coming clean as a person with prejudices…


What a horrible person I am.

Or? Maybe just honest.

(At least I know this about myself.)

Anyway, what blew me out of the water, was to hear Mandell’s story of his brotherhood of 15+ men, who’ve stuck together (at least) since high school, which in my estimate means somewhere between fifteen and twenty years (arghhh, am I putting my foot in it now Mandell? Again?!).

And no no no – not a yearly get-together or anything like that. Intense connection, with a running daily chat-thread going AND meet-up’s, more casual, as well as all-hands-on-deck for bachelor parties, weddings, baby showers and the like.

“Through the years we have incredible history together.

The places we’ve traveled, the things we’ve done. We’ve spent many, many hours, literally just sitting on the steps of one of my friends’ houses. And that was the highlight of the day because we were doing it together, hanging out and laughing. So it’s a unique relationship for sure.” ~ Mandell

It absolutely thrills me to hear this, and to experience their shared love for each other, because it’s apparent when he shares their story.

We didn’t start with the brotherhood coming together in Colombia though. We got there via my fiftieth birthday celebrations, because they have been (and will continue to be – and if that intrigues you, give us a listen and all shall be revealed!) equally good representations of friendships and coming together.

“Life is better together.” ~ Helena

Perhaps there’s some tankespjärn for you there. In your friendships, your relationships? How do you give them the energy they need to ensure you live as rich a life as you wasn’t to?


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