In our third conversation Özlem helped me see something about myself that I’ve never noticed before. I’ve always thought the common thread to everything I’ve done in life, at least from a professional standpoint, has been about change and improvement. I’ve called myself an Agent of Change for many years by now because of that belief.

But Özlem made me see that it’s not the change/improvement itself that’s the attraction for me, that’s not the pull. It’s the people. The connections. The human-to-human interaction that – YES! – gets to be of higher quality when the systems around are conducive for it, when they work as well as can be (and they can always, always (!) be improved).

A lot of this conversation centres on this. On human connection. On finding a path… or perhaps, simply finding the next step, and preferably, it’s one that thrills you:

‘We just need this:

What thrills you now?

What do you wanna learn right now?

What would entice you right now?

What tickles?

Ooh, I wanna go there!’

~ Helena

Do you commute to work? Perhaps have a car for it? When did you last buy new tires for it? Ever change oil, pump the tires, give it a wash now and again? Perhaps you’ve even upgraded your car now and again, gotten a better one?

Now, imagine you are the car. When did you last get yourself a new set of tires? Get a thorough wash, and checked the oil? Do you treat yourself as well as your car? Make sure you have what you need in order to operate as good as you can?

What would this look like for you, personally?

Oh. So many questions! And I could come up with many more. But I won’t. I’ll leave you to join me and Özlem, talking about personal development, finding your own path, as well as starling murmurations, the most beautiful note ever played (by a cello) and much more. Plenty of tankespjärn as always!


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