Now, Frank is an architect, and it just so happens, I’ve worked a lot with facilities in the pharma industry. At the moment, I’m busy with a project building a facility, and I get to do that what I both love doing and am really good at: design the layout of a plant.

I. Love. It.



I cannot say that I understand why but perhaps it satisfies the same part of me that enjoys a good puzzle? There’s the constraint of a plot or existing facility, within which you have to fit desired functions. But there’s a lot of freedom too, which tickles the creative within me, wanting to make the best possible layout fulfilling the requirements of the facility.

Frank knew I worked with pharma, but didn’t know we have such a huge overlap concerning facilities. So… honestly, this is a meandering conversation about buildings, the building code, energy-efficient buildings, the man in the wool suit that many buildings are designed for, and passive houses.

Great fun!

And I can just see you shaking your head, saying ”Great fun? She must be crazy, it sounds superboring!”.

But I promise, it’s worth giving this episode a chance, even if you aren’t as enamored in making buildings optimal and resource efficient. If nothing else, due to the fact that of course we also meander past all sorts of other things!

Like beliefs. Asked ”What beliefs do you hold about yourself?” I would go blank… Especially if you add what Frank told me is one, if not the, definition of beliefs is knowledge without evidence. So, it’s not a belief that I rock at keeping run streaks going, because I have evidence to back that fact up. It’s not a belief that I have great capacity for both zooming in and out, taking in the totality and overview of a major project before diving headfirst into details, because this is what I’ve been doing for the better part of the past two decades, and my clients keep coming back for more. Again, I know this, it’s fact.

So what beliefs do I hold about myself? I’ve been reflecting quite a lot on this these past months, helped along doing process-oriented therapy where this comes up over and over again. So I’ve started to be on the lookout for beliefs I hold about myself, giving the example when a Badoo-match told me I was so petite. ”Oh no, I am most definitely not petite” was my very automatic reaction to this statement. As I observed my own reaction, I could see the belief:
I am not petite. I am ”farmers stock”, heavier and sturdier than what anyone dubbed petite would be.
This is a belief. It’s not fact.
That I don’t believe I am petite didn’t matter to the man who told me I was, his belief remained.

So… where does this belief come from? Where do beliefs come from?
Which beliefs that I hold about me serve me, making me do more, be more, live more, and which beliefs hold me back, keep me small, hiding, shying away from life?

Reorganizations at work is another thing where beliefs play a big part. My belief is that reorganizations will make us more productive, efficient, resourceful. I believe that about 80 % of reorganizations doesn’t work, but that number concerned mergers and acquisitions, which perhaps, can be called re-organizations? Regardless, I duckduckgo:ed ”reorganizations efficiency”. The top link pointed to McKinsey stating: ”only about 23 percent of reorganizations are deemed successful by the companies as they look back on them”.

Given that, why are there so many reorganizations? Strong belief at play, or what?
Now there’s some tankespjärn for you!