Mayke has recently gone through eye surgery. Curious as I am (a biologist at that, with a GP for a mom, who was in med-school for most of my childhood, which meant there were loads of creepy and enticing medical textbooks lying around to look at, oh how exciting!) I couldn’t help but ask a question that’s been on my mind… Does eyes have pain receptors?

As I read the transcript from our conversation, I duck-duck-go ”pain receptors eye” and am met by the suggested question: are there pain receptors in the eye. Turns out, I’m not the first person to search for that answer, and I’ll simply point you to this potential rabbit hole, one I suspect I could spend a lot of times diving deeper and deeper into!

Mayke is amazed at the clarity of vision she’s gained back thanks to eye surgery, and it is absolutely fantastic what we are able to do today with modern technology, I must say. And… I actually had an appointment scheduled for eye surgery myself, many years ago, to perform eye-sight-enhancing surgery (laser?) so I’d no longer need glasses… but I chickened out! There’s something to messing with stuff that doesn’t really need to be messed with, that… I don’t know…

However, I’ve made good use of my glasses, and not just the physical ones. I’m great at using what I call mental glasses too, which is when I set my mind to something, writing it on my glasses, in my imagination that is, and then… everything I look at I look through those glasses. It’s actually turned into one of my super-powers, that I first spotted, for real, a few years after Alan Seale, Master coach, gave me the gift of a life time. He asked, in his gentle kind way, how does this serve? That’s a question that spent many years written across my mental glasses!

Alan Seale is actually the connector between me and Mayke, so he’s give me more gifts than one! We met up in Vught in the Netherlands in… the spring of 2013, at the first (I think?) Transformational Presence global summit (yeah. Sure sounds fancy!) he organized. I have a lot to thank that summit for, as that was whereas of my Campfire Sisters first met (me and Mayke constitute 50% of the quartet).

Using glasses is one of the best ways I know of (for me, not saying it’s a magic bullet) to create new habits that serve me. And creating new habits can take a lot of effort and time. However, have you ever thought about that fact that if, for some reason you’d want to ditch this new hard-earned benefitting habit of yours, or if you fear you’d revert to the old one, it would take you as long, and as much effort, to replace the new habit it with another one, regardless if it new or old? If you’re gonna do that, you are likely to make sure it’s a habit that will serve you even more!

But regardless how great my eye-sight is, there are things about me, that I cannot see, that are apparent and obvious to you. And there’s that within you that I can see, that you cannot. One (more) reason why great friends are so valuable, as they can remind you of all that you are, even if you forget now and again. Now there’s some tankespjärn for you!

Guess what, everything I write about here –with the exception of the Campfire-sisterhood–, and in all these episode descriptions, is stuff we talk about. But I’d need ten times the number of words to be able to tell it all. ’Cuz there’s more. Much more. Rest assured!)


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