Give thanks. To yourself. For trying, for being there, for getting out of bed and putting yourself out there, each and every day.
Give thanks. To yourself. For the days when you don’t get out of bed, cannot face the world, totally lacking in resources to even begin to put yourself out there. It’s all a part of making you you, a part of your onlyness, and that is something to give thanks to. Each and every day.

Give thanks. To your loved ones. For the light they bring into your life.
Give thanks. To your loved ones. For the struggles they face, for staying the course, for falling down and getting up, each and every time.

blossomGive thanks. To your friends. For all that they are. The richness they infuse your life with.

Give thanks. To your friends. For the deep conversations, the gentle hugs they provide when you are desperately in need of one. And for the resistance they provide, when that is what’s necessary for you to level up in life.

Give thanks. To the stranger you meet on the bus. The person in the swim lane next to you. To the cashier at the store, and the janitor who makes sure the light build get’s switched when it’s been broken at work.

Give thanks. For the leaves on the tree turning yellow in fall, the blossom spreading it’s fragrance on a warm summer night. For the sun, the moon, the stars.

Give thanks. And rejoice in all there is to give thanks for.

First published on my blog on November 6th, 2016:



Audio production: Caspian Almerud

Photography: Anders Roos

Soundtrack: Olof Jennfors Ljudtjänst