What would you write if you were to write a hope-will? That is, a will that you leave behind when you die, containing your hopes.

Heavily influenced by Ishmael and Daniel Quinn, that I’ve read and reread multiple times this year, my hope has me vying for a shift in mindset of modern man, which would have us stop wreaking havoc with the earth, and ’save ourselves’ (it’s us, human kind, that we are in danger of exterminating. Along with a lot of other species, certainly, but life and earth will prevail, albeit in a different costume and character set than what we see today. This is how planet earth has evolved through billions of years.).

When modern man (us, that is) comes to see that we are a part of nature and not the exception-to-the-rule because we are the ’pinnacle of creation’. Then, we will realize we are bound by the laws of nature. In the same way everything else living here is.

That’s where my hope lie.
Mayke on the other hand hopes for intimacy, or, as I have seen it described quite often, into-me-see (isn’t that just a lovely way to put it?).

Intimacy. A word that almost has been hijacked by sex. That is where, and how, we often speak about intimacy, in a sexual and/or romantic setting. Which might not be surprising, but surely, it holds value in all areas of life, not just in sexual or romantic relationships?
It’s not a scarce commodity, in and of itself, but perhaps, we are all holding back? Possibly, because we are afraid to even be intimate with ourselves? How can I ”into-me-see”, and when do I? If I do not dare look into myself, the very idea of someone else looking into me sure seems a scary one! But we need to be, in order to be able to be in and with intimacy, do we not? In Maykes hope-will, this is what she sees as the starting point:

Everyone able to be intimate with oneself.

Are you?

Oh, I hope you are.
I know I wasn’t. For a long time.
I also know I am. Now.
So it’s possible to get intimate with oneself, even if that’s not been the case looking back.

I am also curious what your hope-will would look like? Wanna share?
I hope you do. If so, take this question under consideration, letting it provide you with some tankespjärn.

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
Martin Buber