In a (non-recorded) conversation with Alison, she mentioned how uncomfortable she was with being recorded, having our conversations ”put out there” in the world. At the time, I asked if we could have this discussion on the pod.

So. We did. That’s where we started off this time, and I have to say, I am honored to have a friend like Alison. Willing to dive deep, to open up, and me getting surprisingly emotional in tears now and again.

(My kids lovingly tease me about how easily moved to tears I am, all they have to do is put on a video or two from Britain’s Got Talent, and my tears are in free-fall! But not to worry about me, I see this as a very positive trait of mine.)

When I decided to start this pod-series, Alison was the first person I asked to join me. I was fairly certain she’d turn me down, and was very surprised at her immediate yes. Right off the bat.

If Alison had asked me to stop recording, or even take down the episodes out there, or not to keep on sharing the material I’ve got from the published episodes. I would have. Not happily. But I would have. My friendship with her is more important to me, even though, the value that I get from these conversations is undoubtedly also of value to others. But not to the extent that it surpasses the value I place on our friendship.

Being able to have a conversation like this, about being recorded and going public, while actually being recorded was special. Very special. A testament to the trust we have in each other. And to the level of trust we have in ourselves. Or don’t have? Is it this latter facet that is at the root of how comfortable, or uncomfortable, a person is with being visible?
If I’d asked you, to join me in a recorded meandering conversation like this one, what would your answer be? A yes? A Hell yes, even? Or a big fat No way?

I hope you are as curious as I am as to what your response would be!
Now. There’s some tankespjärn for you.

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